offer you a portable, walk-in, cool space ready for when ever you need it! Whether you are a promoter, a business owner, an event coordinator or a private individual with a refrigeration need,

 Cool Zone Trailers are the answer!

Keep products refrigerated or frozen during transport and delivery, for on site storage or in emergency situations.

- 7'W x 12'L x 6'6"H ( duel axle )    7000lb capacity
- All electric - 110V power **Plugs into a standard wall outlet** with a 50ft power
- 4" insulated floor, ceilings and walls for maximum insulation feature.
- Food grade sealant inside trailers allows for an easy clean up.
 Can also run off a generator. (5800 Watts)
- Temperatures between 10˚F and 65˚F, the freezer aspect is considered a soft freeze.
- We can deliver to your site for a nominal charge!
- We also provide pick up and deliveries of goods for your company! (HOT RUNS)
- You can also pick up the trailers for your convenience.
- Low entry point, no more climbing steps or ladders to get inside tall rigs.
- Freezer curtains in place to help keep the cold air in while you are moving in and out of the trailer

2 Day - Weekly - Monthly Rentals
& Personalized Packages to meet your cooling needs.
Long term rentals also, ask us how we can meet your needs.

Call us today for more information: 239-537-6120

Check out our NEW Cooler CUBES!!!!

Why a Cooler Cube?

The Cooler Cube will convert any vehicle into an affordable refrigerated vehicle with a range of temperature requirements including refrigeration and freezing even in the same unit. The conversion takes only minutes and the refrigeration unit can be left on site if that’s what’s required. These features not only make Cooler Ice Cube a more versatile than other solutions, but it also much more affordable.

Want to know more about the Cooler Cube, check out our product page, or call us at 239-537-6120 today!