The Cube!!!!

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Cooler Ice Cube will convert a vehicle into an affordable refrigerated vehicle with a range of temperature requirements including refrigeration and freezing even in the same unit. The conversion takes only minutes and the refrigeration unit can be left on site if that’s what’s required. These features not only make Cooler Ice Cube a more versatile than other solutions, but it also much more affordable.

Why The Cube?

It's affordable, Flexible, Reliable, Clean & Environmentally Friendly!

Cooler Ice Cube enables you to convert just about any make and model of truck, van, SUV and trailer into a highly-mobile and professional-grade refrigerated vehicle in a few short minutes. It will also enable you to not only refrigerate your products but to also freeze them and do this in the same unit if necessary.

The cost of this solution is substantially lower than buying a reefer vehicle outright or having an existing truck, van or trailer converted for you. There is also the advantage of being able remove Cooler Ice Cube from your vehicle in case you need to move it into a new vehicle or if you need to sell them separately.

Cooler Ice Cube can be powered by the vehicle’s 12V system as well as conventional 115V power. This enables you to serve your refrigeration needs not only on the go, but also if you need to leave the unit at an event or a venue.

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Cool Zone Refrigerated - Freezer Trailers

Our 7' x 12' trailers, offer you a versatile cold storage solution!

Whether you need to have us drop it at a specific location, or you are towing it down the road to your destination, our user friendly trailers are just what you need!
Compact Cold Storage Space!
Our portable coolers, fit into any standard parking spot, just park it, plug it in and you are good to go!